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  Most Commonly Asked Questions  

  • Should I change my JOB?
  • Should I start a new business?
  • When will I meet my soul mate?
  • Is this person the right one for me?
  • What is my life purpose?

  Benefits of a session  

Clarity on career direction and job options

Know your life purpose and what can you do

Improve relationships with family, loved ones and at work

Improve communication and minimize conflict at home, work and social.

Know your strengths, innate talents and potential

Learn about your obstacles

More motivated and happy

Make better informed decisions
My session with Brenda was an amazing, heartfelt experience, which gave me clarity and yet moments that took me by surprise. The whole experience allowed me reaffirm myself and get in touch with the vulnerabilities that are holding one back from their full potential. I’m already looking forward to my next session!
– Awasthi Nishi

  Private Consultation with Brenda  

  • Would you like receive clarity in your life purpose, and career direction?
  • Would you like to improve your relationship with your family, loved ones, boss and colleagues?
  • Would you like to increase your success rate and know if ‘luck’ is in your hands?

If you seek to know your life purpose, your strengths and unleashing your growth potential that will support your work, to becoming the person you have always wanted to be, and have deep rewarding relationships, this session is for you.

Providing you intuitive guidance from moving towards the right career path to reaching personal success and receiving the love and joy in your life.

Services provided: Numerology/tarot/angel miracles oracle sessions, past life regression and hypnotherapy, Auset and guided energy healing, karmic release and soul retrieval healing.


Positive feedback on how it has helped her career, relationships..

How numerology helped my relationship with family. Transformation!

Numerology is impactful client says

Blown away by what was shared from numerology

  About Me  

Brenda Tan

Brenda Tan is an author, intuitive coach and guide, and speaker for “personal empowerment”. Because of her own unique gifts, she has enabled many people with clarity towards career directions, resolving relationship complexities and understanding their purpose in life, achieving their desired results in their lives.

Brenda integrate psychology tools and numerology, tarot cards and cycles in her work, giving her clients a holistic experience with clarity. In her latest book “Regain Your Power”, she share many important life-changing lessons on personal empowerment and living fully.

Well versed in intuitive life and corporate consultation, her clients span across countries such as Australia, America, Canada, Qatar, England, and Singapore.

To read more about Brenda Tan, click here >>


Do you deserve to continue feeling unhappy, confused or lost?
Do you wish to understand why things go this way and heal from it?

The decision you make today, will change your life tomorrow.

In our time spent together, I will bring you clarity in all aspects of your life, and help you see new light. My starting fees for  a one-to-one private consultation is SGDS$233 per hour, which is a small investment for a life changing outcome potentially.

*Available for consultation through face to face or via Skype. Minimum 3 days' booking in advance (Singapore Time Zone).

Once payment is made, you will receive an email within 24 hours from Brenda for confirmation. Please check your spam box, and whitelist.